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This professional online cardiac risk test will take only a few minutes to complete.  Answer every question to the best of your ability. 

Prepared by Oxford Medical Research Analysis

Please enter the following figures:

(Do your best to answer every question.  If you can, make an educated guess.  If you have no idea, leave the box blank.  Blank boxes are counted as none or a neutral score.)

Total Cholesterol    HDL     Triglycerides 

Systolic Blood Pressure     Diastolic Blood Pressure 

Fasting Blood Sugar 

Overweight (in pounds--if not overweight enter 0) 

Waist Measurement (actual measurement in inches, not pant size) 

Exercise Level (primarily aerobic, enter 1-5; 1=excellent; 3=average, 5=very poor) 

Stress/Tension Level (enter 1-5; 1=very low stress; 3=average, 5=very high stress) 

How Many Heart Attacks Have You Had? 

    How Many Years Ago Was Your Last Heart Attack? 

Been Diagnosed With Heart Disease or Had a Bypass or Angioplasty? (y/n) 

Symptoms of Angina Within Last Year?  (m=mild, mo=moderate, s=severe) 

Have you had a stroke? (y/n)

How many parents have had a heart attack before age 65? 

How many grandparents have had a heart attack before 65? 

Smoking (number of cigarettes, cigars or pipes per day--0 if none)

Second-hand smoke  (m=mild, mo=moderate, s=severe) 

If female, are you postmenopausal? (y/n) 

Age    Gender (m/f)                      

Name (not required, but it prints with your report)   

Would you like the Heart Risk Evaluations Diet and Recommended Reading List printed as part of your report? (y for Yes; n or blank for No)       

Physician Code (For registered physicians--prints physician information on report) 



This test has been programmed with results of the most recent and respected data, most notably that from the 50 years of research of the Framingham Heart Study.


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