"Heart Risk Evaluations is the most comprehensive exposition of the causes of heart disease that I have seen. The life-style recommendations are excellent. I especially like the presentation of a number of different philosophies which of course do not (and need not) be the same as the Ornish program. Your recommended reading list is excellent.

"Another member of our support group, an engineer, actually, devoted to the Ornish program and one of its predecessors for perhaps 15 years, also reviewed the page. He shares my enthusiasm.

"Again, many thanks."

Henry J. Powsner, M.D.

Dean Ornish Support Group, Princeton, NJ

From: Frans J. Th. Wackers, M.D.
Professor of Cardiology
Yale University School of Medicine
"Heart Risk Evaluations reports are truly of excellent quality.
They provide a thorough and complete evaluation of an individual's risk
for heart disease. The interpretations reflect accurately our present
day understanding of the significance of cardiovascular risk factors.

"For the individual lay person interested in his/her cardiac health, your
website provides a readily available and invaluable opportunity to
assess where he, or she, stands as far as risk for future heart disease
is concerned. In addition to assessment of the risk, a course of action
is recommended that is in concordance with present day concepts for the
prevention of heart disease and its complications."

Frans J. Th. Wackers, MD 
Yale University School of Medicine